Have you ever wondered why I can’t share posts on my Instagram story? There are several reasons why you can find problems when sharing a publication that has caught your attention and you want to reach your followers, some of them depend directly on the errors that the application still presents, but they are simply due to the will of the users. users.

If you find yourself banned from Instagram when sharing a post, check if the account you want to share its content from is public or private. If it is private, logically, you will not be able to share it with your followers, since that user has chosen to limit its scope and share it only with the people who have sent a request to follow it. This is the most common reason since many people use Instagram only to be in contact with their closest people and do not want more exposure.

In this case, the solution is to take a screenshot of the post you want to share and post it as a story, although this probably won’t do much for your contact. Of course, you can recommend that you activate the function to share your stories in ‘Settings’, ‘Privacy’, and ‘Story’ and activate these options.

If you have confirmed that the account from which you want to share the publication is public, it is likely that the error already falls on the roof of Instagram or yours. The problems that users of iOS devices suffer when sharing other people’s publications in their stories are known. This is an Instagram problem that you can do little about individually unless you have the possibility of sharing it from an Android terminal, which has fewer bugs.

Instagram won’t let me share posts in stories

Another reason why Instagram won’t let me share posts to stories is related to having more than one linked account in the app, which sometimes causes conflicts that, again, are not up to us. What you can do when this happens to you is to access Instagram through your mobile browser and share the story from there.

The last reason that could explain this problem is that we do not have the latest Instagram update installed on our phones. Older versions may have much more limited features or bugs due to a lack of maintenance as Instagram developers focus more on the latest version. To do this, go to Google Play or the App Store depending on your mobile, and update Instagram on your phone.

Why can't I share posts on my Instagram story 2

Why can’t I share others’ posts?

As you can see, the possibilities that explain why I can’t share posts from others are very varied. To try to solve them, you can always restart your mobile if you think it is starting to have malfunctioned or uninstall and reinstall Instagram on your phone so that any error that the application that you had installed could present is corrected.

If you’ve tried all of the above and you still can’t share other people’s posts, maybe it’s time to check if your Internet connection is working properly. It may seem too obvious, but it has happened to all of us that our Wi-Fi or our data connection has been deactivated and we have not realized it for a long time. It is better not to take anything for granted.


By Mbah Chinedu

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