The ease of use of online trading platforms is increasing, but that is not an obstacle so from time to time we find surprises and we do not know why Shein does not accept my payment. The message ‘Payment failed!’ It occurs for different reasons, and this article will detail some of the most common ones that explain why you cannot make your purchase on Shein.

Why can’t I make my payment on Shein?

The main problems that explain why I cannot make my payment in She in are usually related to our card and the data that we have entered from it when linking it to our user account. The first thing we have to do is review this data since it is likely that we have made a mistake when entering a number.

If any information is not correct and you have tried to complete the purchase three times without success, Shein will block payments. In this case, you will have to contact the platform’s customer service to have the block lifted. If this is produced by your bank, you will have to carry out the same step with your branch manager.

Other causes that can prevent the payment of our purchases in Shein can be the absence of available balance on the card. Review it and also check if it is available for online purchases, although the latter is usually very unlikely. The use of a card that is not in your name also usually causes quite a few problems, since payments are usually blocked to prevent fraudulent use of the card.

Shein won’t let me pay with PayPal

Among the many different alternatives to the credit card that we have to pay in Shein, there is also PayPal, but we can also find ourselves in a situation in which Shein does not let us pay with PayPal. This payment service seeks to guarantee greater convenience, but we have to make sure that the linked card has not already expired, something quite common that many users do not update when they receive a new card.

Errors in payment with PayPal can also be because a duplicate of our card has been made at some point, which changes its expiration date, and that change has not been made on the platform. The lack of sufficient balance or any other problem with our card will also be reflected in PayPal and will have nothing to do with this payment gateway. Finally, if the PayPal service is down, we will not be able to make payments until it works again.

Why does Shein not accept my payment 2

Can you pay at Shein with a debit card?

When creating an account on Shein, many users want to know all the options available to them. Can you pay at Shein with a debit card? The answer is yes since all cards are accepted, both credit and debit, from Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, and American Express.

In addition to these cards, Shein also allows its users to make payments on its application or website by linking Clearpay, Klarna, and Scalapay accounts to facilitate the user experience.

What does PayPal pending payment mean in Shein?

When placing an order with PayPal, a message may appear that can alarm us, and want to know what PayPal’s pending payment means in Shein. When paying by this means, the user is redirected to the PayPal page, where he will have to confirm the payment. Meanwhile, in Shein, we will see the warning that the payment is still pending on this platform, but it is not usually too problematic, and once confirmed it is executed without difficulty.

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