The next-generation PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles have been around for a few months. And now with more perspective after its launch, we make a comparison between the two to see the pros and cons of each of them in different sections.

Actually, there are aspects in which one stands out over the other, but we already anticipated that, in general, both are very good consoles. And the most decisive aspects may be the catalog, the preference for the ergonomics of its controls, or its subscription plans. Press Start and let’s start the fight.

PS5 and Xbox Series X design

Design is a very subjective aspect , as it happens in all kinds of technological products. However, it is increasingly important that consoles are designed with a form factor that allows them to cool in the best possible way due to the great performance they perform at all times.

Going to the design itself, Sony varies the shape of its consoles in each generation and after a more rectilinear stage, with the PS5 they have done the opposite. Its design is the closest thing to a sandwich or sandwich, with two white side covers between which the main body of the console is embedded with a glossy black plastic band. These sides include a dim blue led light and vents that run throughout the console.

One of the drawbacks that the PS5 design can have for many is its size and dimensions. It is 39 cm high10.4 cm thick, and 26 cm long. Quite big and long. To keep it horizontal or vertical it is necessary to use the support that it includes.

While weight, which is 4.5 kg in PS5, is very close to the 4.44 kg Xbox X Series . Hardware requires your weight. The PS5 edition without a disc reader if it is true that it is somewhat thinner and weighs only 3.9 kg.

On the other hand, the Xbox Series X has a much more classic and sober design in the shape of a rectangular vertical block in matt black. The vents are located at the top, with a concave shape, and some at the back. Its measurements of 15.1 cm in width and length, and 30.1 cm in height make it easier to place in our living rooms or bedrooms. Due to its design, it does not need a vertical or horizontal base.

In this section the comparison is a bit tied according to taste. Although Xbox certainly wins in that it is less cumbersome and cumbersome to assemble.


Both consoles have some aspects to highlight about the other, but precisely the heart of both is created by AMD.

In the case of PS5, the CPU is a Ryzen ZEN 2 with 8 cores and 16 threads at 3.5 GHz with a Radeon RDNA GPU with 36 CUs at 2.3 GHz that reaches 10.28 TFLOPS.

The Xbox Series X is a bit more powerful by also mounting an 8-core Ryzen Zen 2 CPU but it can reach up to 3.8 GHz. Its GPU also AMD Radeon RDNA has 52 CUs at 1.825 GHz and can reach 12.15 TFLOPS.

In memory, he goes more or less hand in hand. Both have 16GB of GDDR6 graphics memory. The bandwidth on PS5 is always up to 448 GB / s while on Xbox Series X, 10 of its GB can reach 560 GB / s and the remaining 6 only reach 336 GB /s.

If there is a notable difference in the speed of the custom 1 TB NVMe SSDs that both mount and that in the end are reduced by around 800 GB. A capacity that is easily filled. The speeds that the PS5 reaches is 5.5 GB / s without compression and 8.9 GB / s compressed. The Xbox Series X is in the middle with 2.4 Gb / s uncompressed and 4.8 GB / s if compressed.

These memories may be expanded in the future. On PS5 with NVMe SSD and on Xbox Series X with a proprietary card . Both can connect external hard drives or SDDs, but for previous generation games or videos and images. In this regard, the Sony console allows greater versatility.

In other respects, both have a 4K UHD Blu-ray reader , except for the PS5 model without a reader, of course. In addition to the HDMI 2.1 port , they each have 3 USB ports. In the case of Xbox Series X they are all normal USB A with version 3.1 . The PS5 does come more updated with its 3.2 ports , of which one of them is type C , which can transmit more power.

In connectivity, both have 802.3 10/100/1000 Ethernet ports but differ in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The Xbox Series X has dual-band Wi-Fi 5 and Bluetooth 5.0 . The PS5 makes the leap to Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.1.

Dualsense remote

Each command of each company has its good and bad points. On the PS5 you can only use the controls of this model, that is, the Dualsense. None of the previous console controllers are compatible with the PS5. This is because the Dualsense has special functions not seen in any remote control of the brand, such as haptic vibration, which is more sensitive; the adaptive triggers, which get hard or force, or the included microphone.

However, most PS5 games could be played almost perfectly with a Dualshock 4, only those nuances would be lost. If Sony does not allow it, it is because it wants to promote the sale of Dualsense , nothing more. And it is true that both the haptic vibration and the triggers add a great extra layer of immersion that comes in handy. In shooters, it’s great to feel the recoil of the trigger. It seemed that it was an addition that few games would use and the truth is that in the end, more games are using it than expected.

On the other hand, Microsoft allows you to use all its controls in the new console and vice versa. This has a great advantage because it is not necessary to buy new accessories, but its negative point is that, in general, the Xbox controllers do not innovate so much. It is true that the new control has better ergonomics and has varied in size. In addition to having a new share button and textures on the triggers.

One aspect that has always been favored in Xbox controllers is their form factor. Almost from the beginning they are very well designed and having the left joystick up and the crosshead down is a great success that Sony has never copied. Xbox controllers, especially the latest ones, exude great quality. Still, the Redmond company is considering whether to include features such as adaptive triggers in its Xbox controllers in the future.

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On the other hand, personally I still prefer the possibility of charging the Dualsense by cable instead of with the two AA batteries required in the XBOX controllers. Although rechargeable batteries can be used and that favors being able to change them on the fly and have a full charge instantly, which is not the case with the Dualsense. The best thing is that the autonomy in both is quite good this generation.

In this section, both consoles are very tight, but there is more innovation in the PS5 controls.

Resolutions Up to what resolution are these consoles capable of working?

Both consoles have common features such as the ability to display 4K resolutions and even up to 8K in the future, although it is a resolution for now very unlikely to be used. The frame rate in both can also go up to a maximum of 120 Hz if a television with an HDMI 2.1 port is used.

This 120Hz refresh rate is only used in very few games today, such as Call of Duty Warzone multiplayer. The normal thing is that the standard is in 4K at 60 fps , and even in these cases, it is necessary to deactivate some graphic settings such as Ray Tracing to achieve 60 fps or use a dynamic 4K. If you want to play some games with the best graphics, the image drops to 4K at 30 fps .


Among the features, PS5 continues to maintain sleep mode to keep the console and the game at the same point that we left it. In this mode, the wired controllers are also still loaded and automatic game updates are downloaded. It cannot be disconnected from the current if we do not want to lose the suspended progress.

Xbox Series X, on the other hand, has a feature called Quick Resume, which is even more interesting than the PS5’s sleep mode. In the Sony console, we can only have one game open and if we open a second game, the first one closes. In Xbox Series X, we can have several games open and continue the game from exactly the same point where we left off. The same happens if we turn off the console or even if we unplug it from the power. When connected, the games will continue at the same point.

Another great aspect of Xbox Series X is the Smart Delivery that allows you to buy any game for one of its consoles and if later we have a superior Microsoft console and it is possible to play a version optimized for the new console, there will be no cost for that version. . In PS5 in some cases the update is free but in others, it is necessary to pay for it.

While many of the Xbox games have already been automatically enhanced to look better on Xbox Series X and take advantage of the higher power and resolution. On PS5, improved games are counted and you have to wait for patches to come out little by little for each game.

The PS5 also has Tempest 3D technology that creates a virtual surround sound quite successful when using headphones.

Software and subscriptions

The two consoles have renewed, to a greater or lesser extent, their operating systems and, the most notable thing they have, is the fluidity with which they move at all times. They have also gained in usability , and in the end deciding between one and the other depends more on personal tastes than on other aspects. Perhaps the Xbox one is more comfortable.

Microsoft and Sony have had their monthly paid subscription systems for years. Xbox Series X requires Xbox Live Gold to play many multiplayer games, and by the way, every month it gives away a few games. PS5 does the same with Playstation Plus to be able to play multiplayer games and gives away some games every month for PS4 and exclusive for PS5. In addition, whoever is Plus on PS5 will be able to download from day one 20 great games that were released during the life of PS4 with the Playstation Collection offer . In this respect they are quite even.

Other more recent subscriptions of these brands are the famous Xbox Game Pass , with more than 100 games released on Microsoft consoles. Despite the subscription price, sometimes even games that have just been released are added . They already have a beta mode to be able to play games from the cloud.

PS5 does the same with its Playstation Now service and a multitude of games from its previous consoles. In this case, most are PS4 games and no newly released or PS5 games are added . The games can be downloaded or also played in streaming at 720p.


In the games section, the balance is currently opting more for PS5 . The two consoles have released a good number of cross-platform games , but when it comes to their own exclusives, it is Sony’s console that has released the most to date . To date on Xbox Series X it has only been launched exclusive The Medium . Other games such as Halo Infinite , Microsoft Flight Simulator , Scorn or Warhammer 40K: Darkside , among others, are expected to be released between now and the end of 2021.

On PS5, both Demon’s Souls and Sackboy: A big Adventure , Godfall and the remastering of Marvel’s Spider-Man with the extra story of Miles Morales were already released with the console . Since then and until now, exclusive games such as Bugsnax, Destruction AllStars, and Returnal have been released . Games like Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart, Deathloop or Gran Turismo 7 will also arrive this 2021.

Both consoles have great games to come in terms of exclusives, but today Sony is clearly ahead and there is talk that they already have another 25 games in production.

Price and versions

The Xbox Series X only has a single version with a reader at € 499.90. For those who want a newer console without spending that much, Microsoft also released the Xbox Series S with a Zen 2 3.6 GHz 8-core CPU. The GPU is an AMD RDNA 2 20 CUs at 1.565 GHz that reaches up to 4 TFLOPS. with 8 GB of GDDR6 graphics memory at 224 GB / s and 2 GB at 56 GB / s. The NVME SSD is 512 GB and the resolution does not reach native 4K but rescales from 1,440p to 60 fps. Its price is € 299..

In the case of PS5, there are two versions, one with a disc reader for € 499.90 and another digital version without a disc reader for € 399.90. The latter has a very good price if you play only digital games, weigh less, and make less noise by dispensing with reading discs.

Conclusions of the comparison between Xbox Series X vs Playstation 5

As we have commented on several occasions, many of the aspects to choose a console are, fundamentally, subjective. The design, the software or the price and hardware so similar, can be little decisive when choosing one of them . It is true that in the hardware section , Xbox gains slightly in power and PS5 gains in SSD storage speed .

Other sections if they are more distinguishable and important when choosing one of them, such as exclusive gamessubscriptions, or controls.

Today, for the number of current exclusive games and the innovation of the Dualsense, I would recommend the Ps5If you want a large number of games at a reasonable price, then it is more convenient to shoot for Xbox. With your Xbox Game Pass, you save a lot of money. Remember that PS5 games are available in the store for around €80.

It is true, despite everything, that the problem currently is not which console is better, but being able to get one of it due to stock problems caused by the pandemic and lack of stock. Everything will go. The important thing, as in this comparison, is to respect the opinion of others.



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