Xiaomi has just introduced the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 , the successor to its top seller, the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 . In this generation, the screen improves slightly , but also several of the functions related to the world of sports and health. The Mi Band 5 was a complete bet and with great advances compared to the Mi Band 4 , but are there big changes with this new version?

We are therefore going to compare the specifications and technical characteristics of the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 with those of its previous generation sister, to check the evolution that has taken place and whether or not it may be worth jumping from the previous model to the new bracelet.

Small changes for a great sports bracelet

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The Xiaomi Mi Band 6 grows to 1.56 inches, a significant jump on the screen compared to the 1.1-inch screen of the Xiaomi Mi Band 5, 1.1 inches. It maintains the AMOLED technology although, on an aesthetic level, the frontal use is much greater. The body is similar to that of the previous model, with the screen being the protagonist, with higher resolution and size. Specifically, it goes from 296ppi to 326ppi, a great resolution for such a small panel.

My Smart Band 6 11

The main changes of the Mi Band 6 are its new screen, the spO2 sensor, and the new sports modes

There are also improvements at the measurement level. With the Mi Band 5, we find heart rate and sleep measurements. In this Xiaomi Mi Band 6, the heart rate measurement has been improved, as well as the sleep measurement. Now the Mi Band is capable of recording the quality of breathing during sleep, as well as measuring the heart rate for 24 hours. Similarly, the Mi Band 6 is now capable of automatically detecting sports modes (running, cycling, elliptical, etc.). Finally, comment that this new bracelet is capable of measuring blood oxygen.

The charger is magnetic again, so we can charge the Mi Band without having to remove the body of the bracelet. Speaking of battery, there are small improvements. We went from 14 promised days to 19 , practically one more week of battery life. We will have to see how this figure is finally, but it certainly seems that great improvements will come.

Technical sheet of the Xiaomi Mi Band 6





Color OLED 1.56 inches
152 x 486 pixels,

Color OLED 1.1 inches
126 x 294 pixels


24h heart rate
3-axis accelerometer 3-axis
SpO2 measurement

Heart rate
3-axis accelerometer 3-axis





Autonomy of 19 days (according to the manufacturer)

125 mAh battery
Autonomy of 14 days (according to the manufacturer)


Bluetooth 5.0

Bluetooth 5.0


iOS and Android

iOS and Android


100 sports
recognition Automatic recognition
Sleep quality measurement
Magnetic charging
Women’s health mode
Remote control to take photos

Recognition of 11 sports

magnetic charge

female health mode

Remote control to take photos



31 euros



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