Yamaha launches new headphones without cables (Bluetooth connection), the YH-E700A, high-end (400 euros). They are large headphones, which cover the ears, and have 35 hours of autonomy no less. But the highlight is its noise cancellation system and, above all, that the headphones measure the sound inside (in the ears) and adapt to ensure optimal listening. It’s the latest after its immersive 3D sound for home theater systems.

Big Headphones

The Yamaha YH-E700A are “ear” or circumaural headphones whose cups, closed on the outside, cover the entire ear. They weigh 325 grams and use dynamic 40-millimeter-diameter internal speakers. In order to be able to be stored comfortably and safely in the original case, they can be folded by turning them to reduce their size. They are already available in white, black and pink.

In terms of connectivity, it is Bluetooth 5.0 without cables and they support the most advanced profiles, and the SBC, AAC and the highest quality aptX sound codecs . They also have a cable connection (the highest HiRes quality) and with it we can use its noise cancellation or sound control system, consuming less energy. Anyway, with Bluetooth and the system active, Yamaha advertises 35 hours between charges no less. Charging (USB-C connection) takes 3.5 hours to complete.

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Of course, it is compatible with Siri and Google Assistant voice assistants, being able to activate them through the touch control button that it has integrated. And it also allows the use of hands-free calls, improving the quality of communication.

Noise cancellation and better sound

The new Yamaha headphones are closed in such a way that they already offer some isolation from the environment. But so that ambient noises affect us as little as possible, they also have a noise cancellation system: this Yamaha noise cancellation technology does not interfere with the sound source. Unlike other systems, which can lose low-frequency signals from music, Yamaha’s Advanced ANC technology suppresses ambient noise without applying any processing to the music signal. In -ear microphones, built into the headphones, are designed to listen, analyze and separate music from background noise, isolating both with a new and unique algorithm.

Those same microphones are the ones in charge of improving listening in real time. The size and shape of the head and ears greatly influence how each person interprets the sound from headphones. An issue that Yamaha has taken into account when developing this model, including in it a listening optimizer: the internal microphone measures every 20 seconds, analyzes the seal (possible air leaks from the ears) depending on the specific shape of the pinna and the external auditory canal of each user, and offer an optimized reproduction of the sound in real time correcting the difference between the source and the listening condition. It is a personalized sound for each listener.

An added function that this technology allows to avoid long-term damage due to excessively high volume . Yamaha calls it “Listening Care” and intelligently optimizes audio frequencies in balance with volume. Depending on the musical content, instead of needing to alter the volume, Listening Care adapts it in real time based on the data collected from the last 5 seconds. Performs adaptive correction using a 4-band equalizer based on average volume level. 

In addition, for a more natural effect, the correction parameters are applied slowly over time, resulting in a personalized listening experience based on the music and your environment.